Digital Transformation In Egypt and Mobile App Development Role in it.

All over the world, the world is becoming more and more digitized.  Although this trend has already been evident in many developed countries for quite some time, it is only now gaining momentum in developing countries such as Egypt.  Even though emerging tech hubs are already starting to pop up around the country, there is still an excellent deal of work to be done if these hubs are going to become sustainable technologies ecosystems that can drive digital transformation forward.

Digital Transformation in egypt 2021
Digital Transformation, Egypt 2021

The Egyptian government is helping their country by making it stronger and more powerful. It is doing this by having a project called “Egypt FWD” The project makes sure that people in the country know how to use technology. And it makes sure that they can do things like making money with technology. There have been some early results from this project, which I hope will help other countries using technology.

The Evolution of Digital in Egypt Before Covid and Now

Digital Transformation In Egypt Before Covid

The Egyptian government started working on its National Information Technology and eGovernment Plan, which digitizes all governmental procedures from applying for a license to paying taxes. In addition, in September 2017, The Egyptian cabinet passed two laws regarding cyber security; one regulates the use of communication and information technologies during elections while another law criminalizes electronic fraud.

In 2018, the Egyptian government passed a draft law regulating cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). As a result, the state now recognizes cryptocurrencies as legal properties, which means they can be used for buying and selling goods.

In 2018, Egypt launched several initiatives to incorporate blockchain technology in its financial structure. This includes reforming its payment system, issuing electronic bonds, and creating a national cryptocurrency. Egypt even hosted the “Egypt International Blockchain Conference” on March 9-10, where blockchain experts from all over the world gathered to discuss how it could benefit different sectors of society. Furthermore, in 2019, The Egyptian Stock Exchange will issue company shares using blockchain technology with the help of local startup OGYDocs. On another note, telecommunications giant Orascom has partnered with South Korean blockchain firm Oraclize to develop a potential use of blockchain in identity verification.

Digital Transformation In Egypt After Covid

Covid-19 effect on digital transformation
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The Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath proved to be a uniquely transformative moment for Egypt’s economy, as digitalization accelerated in public and private sectors. While the country is now considered a regional leader in this regard, this path was not inevitable. The seeds of transformation were planted years before the outbreak, but only with hindsight can one identify how cross-sector collaboration contributed to this outcome.

The public sector played a pivotal role as digital technologies helped manage demand surges during Covid-19, supported by ambitious schemes like the National Broadband Initiative [NBI] and the 2020 Digital Roadmap. These efforts laid the groundwork for high-speed internet, enabling the country to upgrade its ICT infrastructure fully. These efforts laid the groundwork for high-speed internet, enabling the country to upgrade its ICT infrastructure fully.

However, it was not only government initiatives that helped Egypt’s digital transformation, as the private sector also played a key role. Banks, for instance, increasingly offered payment services and remittance facilities [through mobile banking apps], boosting financial inclusion and transparency. In addition, multinationals and small companies alike increased control of their data resources vital to improving efficiencies in the health industry. Even agriculture adopted big data analytics to harvest insights from satellite images used in automated precision farming schemes.

The Role of Mobile App in DT Egypt And Some Examples

For Egyptian businesses to thrive in this ever-changing and increasingly competitive environment, they need to deliver products and services faster than before by transforming their operations through Digital Transformation, which will be driven by mobile app development. However, this can only be achieved if the right partners are on board. In Egypt, mobile app development has become critical in driving the digital transformation process in public entities and private ones. Here is an example:

Metro is the first project being implemented under the Digital Transformation Program, which will make the metro services available from every month of Ramadan in a new version that includes the necessary features.

Another example is Giza Zoo (Zoological Garden) – one of the oldest zoos in Africa. It used to be difficult for zoo visitors to find their way around without assistance or proper signage. With the new Google Maps-based app, visitors can locate all animals by GPS; explore a list of upcoming events; read about animal facts as well as educational tips in Arabic and English; reserve their seat before visiting, and even can take and share photos with animals using their smartphone cameras!

Mobile App Development in Egypt

Egypt is gaining importance in the Mobile App development industry because of its forward-thinking government. Egypt is investing a lot to create better, more advanced technology to help expand its economy and keep up with other countries that have already invested heavily in this growing field.

Mobile apps make it easy to create a better economy by helping people communicate more efficiently using their smartphones or tablets rather than in person, which would help save time and money on fuel costs etc. Furthermore, mobile app development and design services help in developing the best apps for use. Besides, Egypt is known for producing top-notch games that help other countries hire Game App Developers who work hard to build the best games with no stone left unturned.

Best Mobile App developers in Egypt

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The Covid-19 outbreak proved to be a transformative event for Egypt’s economy, accelerating digitalization across all sectors. A combination of government initiatives and private-sector support was crucial in this process. While it is easy to look back now and identify what led to this outcome, the groundwork was laid for Egypt’s digital transformation only through an intense period of crisis and recovery.

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