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We're a digital transformation agency that gets excited about mobile apps

Have a great app idea? Awesome! We'd love to help you build it. Need help coming up with a business solution? Let's talk! Leverage our expertise and knowledge to find the perfect solution.

What we do

Established in 2009 as a full stack web development agency, We have grown our focus to Mobile apps.

While established in 2009 as a full service software, web and mobile apps development company, Since 2018, our team has become dedicated to providing native and hybrid  mobile app solutions to our global clients. Our clients describe us as a product team which creates amazing UI/UX experiences, by crafting top-notch user experience. We have obtained expertise in a variety of mobile app development categories, including restaurant ordering and ride share platforms, food and package deliveries, auction and bidding, health and medical, social media networks, service and booking and much more. In 2020 we leveraged our combined 10+ years of App development experience to open another office in Cairo Egypt. We’re looking to help Egyptian businesses and entrepreneurs excel in the digital world 

Our Offices

We service global clients from our offices in Los Angeles, Cairo and Chennai

Our digital agency headquarters was established in Los Angeles in 2009. We have since expanded satellite locations to Chennai, India and since July 2020 we are pleased to announce our new office Cairo, Egypt. While some of our clients prefer a local digital agency to create their projects, the vast majority of our valued clientele works with us remotely. Through video conferencing, screen sharing, phone conversations, and emails combined with a trusted project management platform, our team can bring your project to life no matter where you are in the world.

Omar Abaza


Omar Abaza
Seif Ascar

Director/Lead Project Manager

Seif Ascar
Cindy Chan


Cindy Chan
Ahmed Bakr

Project Manager/ Development

Ahmed Bakr


What our clients
say about us.

Social Network App
“The experience was easy working with WebX they contributed to alot of insight building our startup app. And the support is outstanding.”
Ashraf Spahi

Co-founder, Geran App

Vislay Quality
“We have worked for the last 2 years with WebX developing and upgrading our business menu app. The always impress us with their attention to detail.``
Justin Weeder

Operations, Vapemenu

Practical application
“We came in having many ideas, some good some not so much, it took the team at WebX to help us sort through them and find exactly what works.”
Laura Morton, Dogcha


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